Sally has been teaching my daughter on our 14.2 connemara pony for just over a year now. I was initially concerned that my 11 year old (now 12) would be unable to manage our sometimes "strong" mare. However under Sally's tuition Ellie has progressed from learning basic flatwork skills to jumping a small course of fences at local shows. Ellie has grown in confidence and always enjoys her lessons.

Sally incorporates a variety of different activities and pitches the lesson at the right level for our pony and my daughter. Sally always listens to what Ellie has to say, assesses what they need to improve on and adapts her lessons accordingly.


I would thoroughly recommend Sally as an excellent riding instructor.


Nicola Byrne


Sally has kindly schooled my little horse Charly for over a year whilst my children have been away at University. His flatwork has improved in leaps and bounds (not literally!) and he really enjoys his sessions. He is a cheeky Welsh D cross with a similar temperament to Sally's horse Rodney and Sally knows how to get the best out of him. Last summer they competed together in unaffiliated prelim dressage achieving first place scoring an impressive 70%. This year they are working up to novice standard. Sally is a joy to work with, has great empathy with her rides and always makes the owner feel very welcome.


Sarah Bishop


After bringing my mare Maddie to university in Sutton Bonington in September, I was put in touch with Sally through a mutual friend for some lessons. Sally now travels to me once a week to teach me which is very handy as I do not have transport. With very competitive rates, she really makes the most of the hour to get the best possible work out of you and your horse. With Sally’s expert guidance, my mare and I have progressed from being unsure at Novice level to competing confidently at Elementary, as well as teaching her some of the more advanced movements such as flying changes and half pass. Being on DIY, I previously found it difficult to go away for weekends and leave Maddie, however Sally provides her with first rate care and schooling whilst I am away. In the past, I had struggled to find a teacher who pushed me to achieve without piling on the pressure, but in Sally I have found a first class trainer and a great friend.


Sophy Yeoman


I cannot recommend Sally highly enough!!

I came back to riding after some time away due to a bad fall, I had brought a new pony who turned out to be quick and full of character. The thought of trotting or cantering on him with him being so quick made me incredibly nervous. I have tried a few instructors who would get frustrated with me being nervous which made everything worse. I can honestly say if I hadn't have had Sally recommended to me I would have given up. From my first lesson with Sally I felt comfortable and at ease which is brilliant! After my first lesson I went away feeling so

Much better and with every lesson I enjoyed my pony more and more, I have learnt so much about horse care as well as riding from Sally. My confidence came on leaps and bounds and I even started jumping! I would never have seen myself doing anything like that before having lessons with Sally! My pony and I built a super bond with Sally's help. Unfortunately my boy passed away. However Sally was there to help just like she had been before. Sally understood us both and helped us so much!! However I didn't give up I have a new pony now and I am still learning things with every lesson and improving all the time. I really would like to thank Sally for the care and dedication that she showed towards me and my first pony biscuit, with out her we couldn't have achieved any of what we did! With Sally's support and guidance I am now jumping and hacking out confidently on my new pony and enjoying riding. thanks to this amazing instructor!.


Rosa Bodell (photo leftt of Rosa's first jumping session on Dylan)


Sally has been a great teacher. She immediately picked up on issues that I had half noticed but hadn't known how to fix, or what was causing them and has helped me to understand what's going wrong and work on improving. She explains why she's asking you to do exercises, tailors the lessons to you and your horse, and gives you points to work on between lessons, as well as great tips for competitions. Sally is also great at building confidence and even though I'm a beginner she has made me feel very positive about dressage by letting me know when I'm going well and helping me to understand how to recognise when me and/or my horse are not quite getting it right, and how to address those issues. She also gives you examples of how she's overcome problems which is great as it makes you realise you are not alone and no problem is insurmountable! Overall, Sally is really down to earth, has great knowledge, is flexible with lesson arrangements, is very responsive and reliable, and seems genuinely interested in helping me and my horse to improve and be the best we can be - what more can you ask for!


Sophie & Alfie

Sally is a wonderful instructor, always compassionate and understanding of the horses composition and way of going, full of lots of exercises to get the most out of the horse. Having had experience of her own horses of different shapes and sizes, she really has a broad range of training techniques. Sally always explains exercises really well so you know what you are all trying achieve and have clear set goals. Very encouraging and you come out of every lesson really feeling like you're winning and progress has been made!


Georgina Fielding Martin

Sally is a really brilliant riding instructor who has helped me so much with my share pony. Bobby can be a bit cheeky and lazy sometimes and I have sometimes felt my riding has been going backwards rather than forward with him! She's a thoroughly nice person, who is really patient and focuses her lessons on what I want to work on but also gives me lots of ideas for things to do in between lessons to keep Bobby interested in his work. Most of my lessons have been based on flatwork as I find jumping really nerve-wracking but when I have jumped with Sally it has been really enjoyable as she challenged me but never pushed me out of my comfort zone! My lessons with Sally have made so much difference to my riding and I now feel like I'm actually getting the best out Bobby and I'm really enjoying riding him. Thanks so much!