My Herd

Classic Conundrum

Stable name Arnie

Age 5

Breed Hanoverian

Height 17hh and growing!


I bought Arnie in the summer of 2015. He had only been backed for a few months but it was clear he was very kind and willing and he moved well, most importantly when I went to try him I got the feeling that I wanted to ride him again so I bought him!

Arnie has just affiliated having won or been placed at the vast majority of our unaffiliated competitions, my short term aim is to get him qualified for the regionals at Novice level, long term I hope we can get to the top of our game!

Swalesmoor Rodriguez

Stable name Rodney

Age 17

Breed Welsh section D

Height 15hh


Rodney is currently competing at advanced medium british dressage and really holding his own against the big flashy moving horses.

After some difficulties with an injury we managed to get out in our top hat and tails to do a few advanced tests.


UPDATE 2014 Rodney sadly had to be put to sleep after a long hard battle with acute laminitis despite the very best efforts of my vet and farrier.



Lady Davina

Stable name Davina

Age 11

Breed TB X ID

Height 17hh


Davina is a good fun allrounder and has a good jump although unfortunately is not very brave!

She is BD registered and competing at elementary.


UPDATE 2014 Davina is now a happy hacker living in Scotland with her lovely new owner Viv.


Tomgarrow Teans

Stable name Doris

Age 9

Breed Irish

Height 16hh


Doris was bought in Summer 2013 and was very green, however after spending some time with her it has become apparant that she is very talented. She is currently regularly scoring around mid 60s at affiliated Medium and has been to several regional finals at novice and elementary.

My short term aim for Doris is to be competing at advanced medium affiliated in 2016, my long term aim is that she will be as good as Rodney!

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